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I was told at my interview for a digital marketer position that my resume caught their eye right away. They said they had to meet me! And I quote: ‘This position needs a creative mind, so we were really excited to see such a unique resume come through’. 

P.S. I got the job!!!”

– Roselin Leonard (The 'Rosie' Template, her namesake!)

"I keep sending my resume out but I never hear anything back. Not. One. Single. Interview."

You KNOW you need a new job. Like, yesterday. But just the IDEA of cobbling together a resume and cover letter is giving you heart palpitations and making you break out in hives… 

You struggle with how to sell your work experience and your resume looks and reads like every other applicant in the same field. Blend in, much?

You don’t know how to get past all of the resume trends to know what’s even relevant to the employer (do people even use ‘my objective’ anymore?)

You worry that your resume and cover letter won’t generate enough interest to stand out in a multitude of applications, let alone land you an interview

You’re grateful for the job you have but are SO ready for a career change. But… where to begin?

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Not qualified for the job. Pfffttt.

It's time to Level Up.

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Life is short. Much too short to spend your days doing work that leaves you unfulfilled, or worse, sees you miserable five days out of the week. Don’t waste another day…

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