Hi, I'm Sara. It's nice to meet you.

I used to work for a bank. Not just any bank, but a large, behemoth of a corporation. I was good at my job and had no shortage of promotions and opportunities; I liked the work and loved the people – but something was always missing.

Mostly, I enjoyed helping others achieve their career goals. I relished seeing my friends and coworkers’ confidence skyrocket when they saw themselves through the eyes of a professional writer and photographer, realizing that the job they most coveted was within their reach.

Life is short. Much too short to spend your days doing work that leaves you unfulfilled, or worse, sees you miserable five days out of the week. And so, in 2014 Impresumes was born. I made the leap to doing what I love most – empowering others to find fulfillment and happiness in their own careers.

Whether you’re looking to conquer the next rung on the ladder, or scale another building entirely, I can help you succeed.

I’ve made the leap you’re considering. And I can tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Whether it’s starting your own business, changing careers, or finding a job with the perfect work-life balance, we’ll tackle it all, together.