‘Williams’ Resume / CV Template Package for Google™ Docs


Impress the recruiters! Download this professionally designed, easily edited 4-page Google™ Docs resume package and start applying for your dream job today.

The ‘Williams’ resume template is super easy to edit and is designed to showcase your skills, education and ALL of your accomplishments so you stand out from the crowd.


* 2 page Résumé in Google™ Docs (A4 and US Letter)
* 1 Cover Letter in .Google™ Docs(A4 and US Letter)
* 1 References page in Google™ Docs (A4 and US Letter)
* FAQ guide (includes links to the free, downloadable fonts)
* Extra ICONS, switch them out as needed
* Outstanding customer service (seriously, just try us!)
* 7-day money-back guarantee

Sleek and clean; this professional 4-page resume template package for Google™ Docs includes a two-page résumé, cover letter, references page and a Frequently Asked Questions guide. Need more than 2 pages? Easy–easily insert as many pages as needed.


How It Works

Complete Your Purchase: Add this listing to your cart and complete checkout. Once your purchase is complete, download the .pdf file using the link provided.

Double click on the ‘Williams’ Template Guide .pdf file and open the document. From the main document you’ll be provided with links to download both the A4 and US Letter versions of your new templates, as well as the file with the extra icon images.

Edit The Templates: Open the documents and type over the existing text to add your content. You can easily rename, delete and/or move sections around. And if you don’t love the colours or fonts? Easy – just change them!

Send Them Off: Print your documents at home, or save the files as a .pdf and send them off in an email or take them to a local print shop.

AND… YOU’RE DONE! Revel in your mastery!

System Requirements

There are no special software requirements or fonts that need to be downloaded; you only need access to a free Google™ Docs account.